2:00pm-Doors Open
3:00pm-Stage Competition
4:00pm-Visha Loo
5:00pm- Beyond Hot
(One Chunk Challenge)
6:00pm-Garter Girls
7:00pm-Visha Loo
9:00pm-Color Sleeve,
Black & Grey Sleeve
10:00pm-Pound of Flesh Judging
10:30pm--Ink Challenge Judging
11:00pm-Tattoo of the day Judging
12:00pm-Doors Close


12:00pm-Doors Open
1:00pm-Stage Competition
-T.V Contest
3:00pm-Visha Loo
4:00pm-Beyond Hot
(One Chunk Challenge)
5:00pm-Garter Girls
6:00pm-Visha Loo
6:30pm-Banff Give away
8:00pm-Competitions Start: Black & Gray Portrait, Color Portrait
9:00pm-Ink Challenge Judging
9:30pm-Collaberation Completion Judging
10:00pm-Tattoo of the Day Judging
11:00pm-Doors Close

12:00pm-Doors open
2:00pm-Stage Contest
3:00pm-Tattoo Competitions:
(Small, Medium, Large)
-Black & Grey
(Small, Medium, Large)
-Neo Traditional
5:30pm-Vegas Winner
6:00pm-Ink Challenge Judging Winner
6:30pm-Tattoo of the day Judging
6:45pm-Best In show Judging
7:00pm-Doors Close


Performance times my be subject to change to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances

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